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Contact: Lic. José Mario Valdivieso Berdugo, Associate Partner
Blvd. del Hipodromo, Pasaje No. 11, #73, Colonia San Benito
Phone: (503) 2263-9365
Fax: (503) 2264-0761
Email: jmvaldivieso@N0SPAM.solucionesjuridicas.org
Web: http://www.solucionesjuridicas.org

The Law Offices of Valdivieso Berdugo Valdivieso have provided their corporate clients with top-notch legal services for over thirty years in El Salvador. Services provided run the gamut from counseling in mercantile or corporate law, to helping their clients in fiscal and administrative matters. Clients have access to cost-effective advice on their every day legal and administrative needs, based on the experience and knowledge of the country's legal system.

Valdivieso Berdugo Valdivieso are specialists in helping clients establish their corporation in el Salvador and Central America, with all the legal ramification this implies, sucha a registering and protecting trademarks, patents, and intellectual property; counseling in labor law, contracts, immigration, licitations, litigation and arbitration to help defend their clients' interests in such areas.Our offices were originally founded in 1974 by Dr. Mario Francisco Valdivieso Castaneda, who is currently appointed as a Supreme Court Magistrate, and have offices in San Salvador, El Salvador, and Burbank, California, they also provide legal services in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, as well as trademark registration in those countries and Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and the European Union.