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Courier address:
U.S. Embassy Cairo
8 Kamal El Din Salah Street
Garden City, Cairo, Egypt 11136
Telephone: +20 (2) 2797-2689/2340
Fax: +20 (2) 2795-8368
Email: office.cairo@trade.gov

If mailing from the U.S.:

Attn: Senior Commercial Officer - Foreign Commercial Service
Unit 64900 Box 11
APO AE 09839-4900

Jim Sullivan

Regional Senior Commercial Officer
Telephone: +20 (2) 2797-2340
Fax: +20 (2) 2795-8368
Email: office.cairo@trade.gov

Diane Jones

Deputy Senior Commercial Officer
Telephone: +20 (2) 2797-2610
Fax: +20 (2) 2795-8368
Email: diane.jones@trade.gov

Cherine Maher

Senior Commercial Specialist
Telephone: +20 (2) 2797-2688
Fax: +20 (2) 2795-8368
Email: cherine.maher@trade.gov
Industry Sectors:
Aerospace and Defense:
Defense Equipment, Helicopters, Aviation Security Equipment
Agricultural Machinery & Equipment, Agricultural Products, Agricultural Services, Agricultural Chemicals, Forestry/Woodworking Machinery, Pet Foods/Supplies, Veterinary Medicine Equipment /Supplies
Defense / Security:
Defense Industry Equipment, Safety and Security Equipment
Financial Services:
Banking, Debt Collection, Insurance Services, Investment Services, Leasing Services, Asset Management
Information and Communications Technology:
Audio-Visual Equipment, Computer Hardware, Computer Systems, Information Technology Services, Electronic Commerce, Cybersecurity
Retail Distribution and Franchising 

Mai Abdel Halim

Commercial Specialist
Telephone: +20 (2) 2797-2146
Fax: +20 (2) 2795-8368
Email: mai.abdelhalim@trade.gov
Industry Sectors:
Aircraft and Aircraft Parts, Air Transportation, Airport and Ground Support Equipment
Architecture Services, Building Products and Equipment, HVAC Equipment, Heavy Equipment and Construction Machinery, Infrastructure
Coal, Electrical Power Systems (Smart Grids), Nuclear, Oil/Gas Field Machinery, Oil/Gas/Mineral Production/Exploration Services, Renewable Energy, Mining Industry Equipment
Industrial Materials:
Composites, Ceramics, Metals
Marine Technologies:
Port/Shipbuilding Equipment, Port Development Services, Commercial Fishing Equipment, Commercial Vessel Equipment (Non-Fisheries)

Rania Mekhail
Commercial Specialist
Telephone: +20 (2) 2797-3487
Fax: +20 (2) 2795-8368
Email: rania.mekhail@trade.gov
Industry Sectors:
Chemical Production Machinery, Coatings and Adhesives, Industrial Chemicals, Organic Chemicals, Polymers
Food and Beverage:
Baby Food, Bakeries, Beverages, Condiments and Seasonings, Confectionary Products, Dairy Products, Food Processing Equipment, Vitamins and Supplements
Healthcare / Medical:
Cosmetics /Toiletries, Dental Equipment, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Health Care Services, Medical Equipment (Medical Technology), Laboratory Scientific Instruments (High Tech Instruments), Biotechnology, General Science & Technology
Industrial Materials:
Plastics, Plastics Production Machinery, Plastics Materials and Resins, Packaging Equipment
Travel and Tourism:
Accommodations, Hotel and Restaurant Equipment, Passenger Transportation Services, Travel Agencies

Dina Bissada

Commercial Assistant
Telephone: +20(2) 2797-2340
Fax: +20(2) 2795-8368
Email: dina.bissada@trade.gov
Industry Sectors:
Business and Professional Services:
Advertising Services, Corporate Training Services, Employment Services, Event Management, Legal Services, Management Consulting Services, Marketing Services, Translation and Interpretation Services
Distribution and logistics:
Export Management, Express Delivery Services, Freight Forwarding, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Material Handling, Rail Transportation, Trucking
Adult Education and Training, Distance Learning, Education Technology, Higher Education, Language Learning, Trade Schools
Media Entertainment:
Film and Video Production, Sports, Photographic Services, Games & Social Media
Non-Profits and Associations:
Business Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Regional Economic Development, Public Sector

Hany Wassef
Commercial Specialist
Telephone: 2797-3422
Fax: +20(2) 2795-8368
Email: Hany.Wassef@trade.gov
Industry Sectors:
Automobiles, Light Trucks, Vans, Electric Cars, Automotive Parts, Gasoline Service Stations, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, Automotive Repair Services
Consumer Goods:
Artwork, Firearms and Accessories, Furniture, Giftware, Jewelry, Lawn and Garden Equipment, Toys and Games
Environmental Technology:
Air Pollution Control, Air Pollution Monitoring Equipment and Services, Environmental Remediation, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Engineering Services, Waste Management and Recycling, Water and Wastwater, Water Treatment Services
Equipment and Machinery:
Fluding Handling Equipment, Pumps, Valves and Compressors, Machinery and Tools, Nonroad Diesel Engines, Rolling Mills, Welding Equipment
Textiles and Apparel:
Apparel, Fabrics, Footwear, Leather and Fur Products, Textile Equipment and Machinery, Yarns

For inquiries relevant to the below Sectors:

Please send an email to office.cairo@trade.gov
Misc. Sectors:
Books/Periodicals - Paper and Paperboard - Pleasure boats/Accessories - Printing/Graphic Arts Equipment - Pulp/Paper Machinery - Recreational Transportation - Sporting Goods/Recreational Equipment - Toys/Games

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