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Market Research on Ecuador

The Economic and Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ecuador produces up-to-date market information to help you compete and win in the Ecuadorian marketplace. Put the power of this information to work for you!

Country Commercial Guide

Every year the Economic and Commercial Section staff analyzes the best opportunities for exports from the United States to Ecuador. Chapter 4 of the Country Commercial Guide (CCG) presents these findings.

Market Reports

We also produce reports on key sectors of the Ecuadorian market with good prospects for U.S. exports. These market reports contain analysis and data that make it easier for U.S. exporters to grasp the main aspects of the market in an easy-to-read and compact form.

Our in-country specialists also submit alert reports on a regular basis to keep U.S. exporters informed of new regulations and taxes, upcoming purchases and projects, market and industry profiles, recent market developments, and more. Click here to access these reports (registration required to view full documents).