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Doing Business in Ecuador - Country Commercial Guide

Every year, the U.S. Embassy in Ecuador prepares the "Doing Business in Ecuador - A Country Commercial Guide" specifically designed for U.S. companies interested in selling to Ecuador. The Country Commercial Guide (CCG) provides a useful starting point for U.S. businesses pursuing export and investment opportunities in Ecuador. The Guide can serve as a foundation for the company's research and business plans.

The CCG includes Ecuador's economic trends and outlook, political environment, trade regulations, customs & standards, business travel, and economic and trade statistics. It also provides information on marketing U.S. products and services in Ecuador, leading Ecuadorian industry sectors for U.S. export and investment, and trade and project financing for U.S. exporters.

U.S. companies may access the latest Ecuador Country Commercial Guide by clicking on the following link:

Doing Business in Ecuador 2012 - A Country Commercial Guide.