SEMICON Japan 2014 (TFC Event) Detailed Event Information For SEMICON Japan 2014 (TFC Event)
SEMICON Japan 2014 (TFC Event) -- Electronics Industry Prod/Test Eq., Electronic Components
Location/Date: Tokyo, Japan 12/03/2014 - 12/05/2014
Event Summary:
SEMICON Japan was first held in 1986. After several years of continued growth, SEMICON has become Japan's largest semiconductor equipment & manufacturing show, attracting nearly 1,000 exhibitors and over 65,000 visitors every year. The main focus of SEMI CON Japan is the further development of the Japanese semiconductor and related emerging industries. High level executives from the industry, science and government will present their view and showcase their latest products and technology.

Restructuring and consolidation has led to a new focus for Japanese semiconductor manufacturers. As a result, the Japanese semiconductor manufacturing market will experience growth in 2014, driven by higher spending for memory production as well as in the manufacturer of power semiconductors and "More than Moore" semiconductor technologies. Total equipment spending in Japan is estimated to have reached $4 billion. Combining this with the $8 billion spending on semiconductor materials, Japan will represent about a $12 billion market in 2014 for the suppliers of equipment and materials in the semiconductor industry.

More than a trade show, SEMICON Japan is your connection to the Japanese semiconductor market. SEMICON Japan broadens your exposure and connects you to the people and opportunities driving industry growth in Japan. Among the key program presentations and conferences at SEMICON Japan are: Semiconductor Used Equipment Business; 3D IC & Advanced Technologies Summit; 450 mm Manufacturing Seminar; Power Semiconductor Advancements; OSAT Executive Forum; SEMI Standards & EHS Workshops; International EHS Compliance and Regulatory Seminar; US Commercial Service IT Forum; Nanoimprint Technology Study; Test & Assembly Conference; Future Vision Forum; Printed Electronics Symposium; Workforce Development & Job Fair; and, SEMI Technology Symposium.

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