Black Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition & Conference 2014 (BSDA 2014) (TFC Event) Detailed Event Information For Black Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition & Conference 2014 (BSDA 2014) (TFC Event)
Black Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition & Conference 2014 (BSDA 2014) (TFC Event) -- Aircraft/Aircraft Parts, Airport/Ground Support Eq., Defense Industry Eq., Electronic Components, Health Care Services, Port/Shipbuilding Eq., Security/Safety Eq., Telecommunications Eq.
Location/Date: Bucharest, Romania 05/14/2014 - 05/16/2014
Event Summary:
U.S. companies interested in reaping the benefits of exhibiting in a specialized tri-service defense exhibition in large and growing market should participate in Black Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition and Conference 2014 (BSDA 2014). BSDA 2014 will take place May 14-16, 2014 at ROMAERO, in Bucharest, Romania. Supported by the Romanian Government and Romanian Intelligence Service, BSDA 2014 covers the Land, Sea and Air Defense, Civil Aerospace, Homeland Security and Safety & Security industries.

BSDA 2014 is the largest international tri-service defense exhibition on Europe's newest border. The Black Sea region's significance will continue to increase as NATO's military alignment expands eastward and southward. Recognizing the strategic importance of the area where Central Europe, South East Europe, Eastern Europe and the Black Sea-Caucasus-Central Asia converge, the United States and Romania have agreed to station U.S. Army and Air Force units in four (4) “Forward Operating Sites” within Romania.

At BSDA 2014, U.S. companies specializing in the product categories below will be able to showcase their products to a targeted audience. More than 12,450 official visitors, which included senior defense, military, SAR, customs and police, airline, airport, and emergency and health delegations from 24 countries along with trade and industry visitors from 39 countries, attended Black Sea Defense & Aerospace (BSDA) 2012. Official MoD delegations from 21 countries also were hosted at BSDA 2012.

Major exhibition themes include:

• LAND DEFENSE: Armored & unarmored vehicles; Weapons & ammunition; Body armor & personal defense systems; Anti-aircraft defense systems; Anti-tank defense systems; Command & control systems; and Simulation & training systems.

• AIR DEFENSE: Military aircraft, helicopters, UCAVs, UAVs; Armaments & ordinance; Missiles & weapons systems; Simulation & training systems; Avionics & airport infrastructure.

• SEA DEFENSE: Naval & Coast Guard vessels; Command & control systems; Naval weapons systems; Navigation, sonar & radar systems; Port infrastructure services & systems; Personal rescue & survival systems; and Simulation & training systems.

• CIVIL AEROSPACE: Civilian aircraft; Business & corporate aviation; Avionics & radar systems; MRO equipment and services; Airport infrastructure.

• POLICE & SECURITY: Homeland defense systems; Police & security aircraft & helicopters; Coast Guard systems & technologies; and Search & rescue (SAR) equipment & technologies.

BSDA 2014 is a great opportunity for U.S. companies to exhibit their land, air and naval defense, civil aerospace, ATC, security, police and coast guard products and services and to increase their sales to this rapidly growing area of the world.

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