Water, Energy, Technology & Environment Exhibition (WETEX) 2014 (TFC Event) Detailed Event Information For Water, Energy, Technology & Environment Exhibition (WETEX) 2014 (TFC Event)
Water, Energy, Technology & Environment Exhibition (WETEX) 2014 (TFC Event) -- Electronics Industry Prod/Test Eq., Electrical Power Systems, General Science & Technology, Management Consulting Services, Operations/Maintenance Services, Renewable Energy Eq., Water Resources Eq./Services, Regulations
Location/Date: Dubai, United Arab Emirates 04/14/2014 - 04/16/2014
Event Summary:
The 15th Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) 2013 hosted 1,360 exhibitors from 32 countries and approximately 15,800 visitors. The largest regional event of its kind, it aims to attract over 1,500 exhibitors from 40 countries in 2014. The 16th WETEX 2014 supports this strategy, and its theme is ‘At the forefront of sustainability.' WETEX is focused on various sectors and segments with a wide variety of displays, seminars and technologies with insights from international experts from around the world.

WETEX has featured a range of green initiatives, which DEWA and other organizations are committed to, at SmarTech. In support of the UAE strategy for green development, which focuses on the promotion and development of green technologies, SmarTech offers a great opportunity to demonstrate Dubai's commitment to reducing waste and protecting our environment from pollution. Perhaps our most significant milestone to date has been the announcement by DEWA, under the umbrella of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. This park will feature a range of solar energy technologies, including photovoltaic and concentrated solar power systems, which will provide up to 1,000 MW of renewable energy for the Emirate of Dubai.

DEWA has many initiatives, among them is its Sustainable Building, which is based on a modern Buildings Management System which manages air conditioning, cooling and ventilation units to save electricity consumption. The building adopts conservation criteria for electricity and water, and uses solar energy to supply electricity.

The new building has achieved a huge success as the largest government sustainable building to win the Platinum Award for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) achieving 98 points out of 110 as per US Green Building Council's evaluation.

This new green achievement fits in perfectly with DEWA's strategy to reduce energy consumption by conserving our natural resources and finding energy-efficient renewable solutions. We want to reduce energy consumption as part of our efforts to protect the environment to achieve our long-term goal of sustainable development in Dubai.

You also can be a part of this journey to realize a sustainable future for the UAE and the world by drawing insights and inspirations from the many experts and organizations at WETEX 2014. You have the means to make sustainability a significant part of your daily professional and personal lives and also be counted amongst the many who are already working to create a brighter future for us all.

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