European Union: Complying with RoHS II Requirements Detailed Event Information For European Union: Complying with RoHS II Requirements
European Union: Complying with RoHS II Requirements -- Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Eq., Audio/Visual Eq., Consumer Electronics, Computers/Peripherals, Electronics Industry Prod/Test Eq., Household Consumer Goods, Laboratory Scientific Instruments, Medical Eq., Machine Tools/Metalworking Eq., Telecommunications Eq.
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Location/Date: Brussels, European Union 07/27/2011 - 07/27/2011
Event Summary:
The EU Directive for compliance under RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) was recently revised and has been adopted by the European Union. While no new restricted substances were added, and key exclusions for large scale stationary machinery were kept, the revisions under RoHS II have expanded its scope to include ALL electrical and electronic equipment with few exceptions. This will lead to a huge change for companies not covered by the RoHS Directive previously. U.S. manufacturers need to be familiar with the new requirements and the new emphasis on documentation to prove compliance in RoHS II. During this webinar you will learn what the differences are between RoHS and RoHS II and what you need to do now to make your products compliant under the new RoHS II Directive.

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