Water Technology Trade Mission Detailed Event Information For Water Technology Trade Mission
Water Technology Trade Mission -- Environmental Technologies, Water Resources Eq./Services
Location/Date: Bangalore, India 02/27/2011 - 04/25/2011
Event Summary:
The Indian economy is growing rapidly, with a combined annual growth rate of more than 9 percent. Due to the ever-growing gap between the demand and supply of water, the Indian water sector is set to witness the phenomenal growth in the future. The water use is likely to increase substantially in the period to 2025, particularly in the domestic, individual and power sub-sectors. Aquatech India will provide both short and long-term solutions to these problems. The latest technologies and developments in the field of water and wastewater management will be highlighted and the show will provide manufacturers and suppliers a secure, recognized and reliable means/approach to enter the India market.

There will also be an attractive additional opportunity/option for mission participants to get pre-screened one-on-one meetings in Mumbai and Bangalore. This offer for one-on-one meetings will not be conditional upon participation in the trade fair.

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