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Location/Date: Wheeling, WV, United States 01/15/2010 - 01/15/2010
Event Summary:
Exporting to Central America - Best Prospects Webinar will gather experts and Commercial Officers covering 6 markets: Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Central America is a very important market for United States exporters and is the 17th largest market worldwide for U.S. exports.

•The United States exported $24 billion dollars worth of goods to the region in 2008.

•50 percent of the regions imports come from the United States.

Central America is an open market and has many advantages for companies doing business in these markets, including relatively low tariffs (1-17%); Value Added Tax (VAT) Average of 12%; few import restrictions; standards in-line with those in the U.S. ; English widely used in business, and ease of travel for U.S. citizens, with no Visa required for entry.

Overall, Central America enjoys relative stability, growing economies, proximity to the U.S., and adequate port infrastructure, all of which make these markets attractive for U.S. exports. Regional integration should spur investment, growth, trade and continued market opportunities for U.S. firms in coming years.

Debora Sykes, Central-Southern NJ
Phone: 609-896-2734
Leslie Drake, Charleston WV
USEAC Director
Phone: 304-347-5123
Diego Gattesco, Wheeling
Senior International Trade Specialist
Phone: 304 243 5493