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Trade Mission to Dominican Republic & Jamaica -- Automotive Parts/Services Eq., Building Products, Construction Eq., Hotel/Restaurant Eq., Medical Eq., Printing/Graphic Arts Eq., Renewable Energy Eq.
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Location/Date: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 06/14/2010 - 06/18/2010
Event Summary:
The U.S. Department of Commerce Executive Trade Mission to the Dominican Republic and Jamaica will open doors for U.S. firms seeking to enter or expand their presence in the Caribbean. Led by a senior Commerce official, this mission offers a timely way for U.S. companies to gain first-hand market information, access to government decision-makers, and one-on-one meetings with pre-screened business contacts, including potential agents, distributors and partners. Companies that intend to export goods and services in building products; hotel and restaurant equipment; medical equipment and supplies; automotive parts and accessories; and renewable energy possess great potential for success. Other companies will be considered for participation in this mission based on their market potential in both countries. The participation fee is $3,800 for large companies and $3,250 for small or medium-sized companies. The participation fee for each additional company representative (large company or SME) is $500. Expenses for lodging, some meals, incidentals, and travel (except for transportation to and from airport) will be the responsibility of each mission participant. The registration deadline is March 19, 2010.

The Caribbean is more than just a vacation destination; it is also a steadily growing market full of business opportunities for U.S. companies. The Caribbean Region is a natural commercial partner of the United States, closely linked by geography, history, and culture. The region as a whole represents a market of about 41 million people who collectively imported over $20.3 billion in U.S. goods in 2008. The Caribbean Region is the third largest export market for U.S. manufactured goods in Latin America, behind Mexico and Brazil.

On August 5, 2004, the United States and the Dominican Republic (DR) signed a Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR). The agreement entered into force between the United States and the DR on March 1, 2007, allowing more than 80% of U.S. exports of consumer and industrial goods to enter duty free to the DR, with remaining tariffs phased out over ten years. In addition to tariff reduction, CAFTA-DR provides unprecedented access to government procurement, liberalizes the services sectors, protects U.S. investments, and strengthens protections for U.S. patents, trademarks, and trade secrets in the DR.

The United States is also Jamaica's primary trading partner with 40.1% of imports coming from the United States in 2008. Jamaica's 2008 gross domestic product (GDP) is $13.47 billion, of which 20% derives from tourism and 20% from remittances from Europe and North America. A trend toward significant investment in the hotel and tourism sector, as well as new highways, increased energy production, and port modernization, will likely lead to higher GDP growth. Proximity, quality, and the use of a common language have encouraged Jamaican businesses to purchase from the United States.

Maria Elena Portorreal, Santo Domingo
Senior Commercial Specialist
Phone: (809) 368-7220
Robert O. Jones Jr., Madrid
Senior Commercial Officer
Phone: 011 34 91 308 1545
Lesa Forbes, Miami
International Trade Specialist
Phone: 305-526-7425 Ext 28
Ashley Wilson, Oklahoma City
International Trade Specialist
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Megan Schildgen, Santiago
Commercial Officer
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