MADE Expo 2010 Detailed Event Information For MADE Expo 2010
MADE Expo 2010 -- Architectural/Constr./Engineering SVC, Building Products
Location/Date: Milan, Italy 02/03/2010 - 02/06/2010
Event Summary:
Ever since its first edition in 2008, MADE Expo has achieved its goal of representing the architecture and building sectors in Italy. While the show's main focus are doors, windows and the “building envelope” (roofing, facades), the show also features waterproofing, insulation, civil and environmental engineering technologies, renewable energies, IT tools, engineering machinery, tools, urban furnishings and many more categories that reflect the wealth of technological solutions available for new construction and restructuring. MADE also represents an opportunity for U.S. firms in the so-called Green Build/Sustainable Construction segment.

MADE is poised to become the foremost show in Italy in the above sectors. The second edition of MADE took place in February 2009 and featured 1.739 exhibitors (of which 263 were foreign exhibitors) and 200,126 visitors (an increase of 17.1% over the previous year, and specifically an increase of 19.8% in foreign visitors over the previous years).

Cost for a turnkey booth in the US Pavilion is TBD.

Federico Bevini, Milan
Commercial Specialist
Phone: Direct +39 02 6268 8520 or Main +39 02 02 6268 851