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Location/Date: Lisbon, Portugal 04/07/2008 - 04/08/2008
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This seminar will focus on the trade and investment linkages through Portugal that can be leveraged for increased access to Lusofone African markets, including Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, and Equatorial Guinee. Opportunities in these markets for U.S. goods and services abound, particularly in the energy-rich markets of Angola and Sao Tome, and the increasingly stable and investment-oriented Cape Verde. Demand for infrastructural development, consumer goods, technology, and agricultural equipment are prevalent. Transport links, common language and legal frameworks, shared history, and existing trade connections provide unique advantages for Portuguese firms in Lusofone Africa. Partnering with Portuguese companies matches exports with access. Incentives for U.S. business in sub-Saharan Africa often include trade finance, investment insurance, market sensitization, feasibility studies, qualified source of payment, etc. All of the above are readily available through TPCC agencies including: USCS, EXIM Bank, OPIC, TDA, etc. Overlayed with multi-lateral development bank tenders and MCA grants, a “bundled” presentation of Lusofone African trade and investment opportunities will include large-scale infrastructure projects of interest to a multitude of U.S. and Portuguese firms. Promotion partners will include the Business Council for International Understanding, the Corporate Council on Africa, CS South Africa, and the U.S. Embassy Economic sections for CS Partner Posts. Conference sponsors will include U.S. finance and insurance institutions as well as local Chambers of Commerce and member firms.

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