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Catalog Fair

U.S. Commercial Service offers catalog fair opportunity at several fairs in the Czech Republic. It is a cost effective way to get the feel for the Czech market and potentially find partners/distributors. By participating in a catalog fair U.S. companies typically receive: * Product literature display at the U.S. Commercial Service booth at the show. * Results report of all the potential partners that expressed interest in your product, and all the trade leads we collect from end-users that visit our booth. * Inclusion in the U.S. Commercial Service booth flyer presenting all its exhibitors. * On-line promotion on U.S. Commercial Service web pages. * Post-show follow-up and market information.

The shows that U.S. Commercial Service Prague offers catalog fair at include World of Beauty and Spa, FOR FAMILY (FOR PETS/FOR KIDS/FOR SENIOR), BookWorld, FOR ARCH/FOR THERM/FOR WASTE/SWIMMING POOLS & SAUNAS.

Cost:          Starting at $100, depending on a specific fair. Please contact us for more information.

    Final report is provided usually two weeks after the fair.