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International Company Profile (ICP)

Get a background check on your potential business partner before you sign on the dotted line! The International Company Profile (ICP) report helps you enter into business relationships with confidence. We will provide a detailed report on a Czech company you select and if possible visit the company for a first-hand look.

The ICP report includes:

  • U.S. Commercial Service staff opinion of the reputation and reliability of the Czech firm
  • U.S. Commercial service staff opinion on the relative strength of the Czech firm in its industry
  • Names, addresses and contact information of the managers
  • Preferred language for communication
  • Basic company profile including information such as size of the company, number of years in business, product/service lines
  • Upon request, detailed questions will be asked of the overseas companies, beyond those in the standard questionnaire.

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Cost: Starting at $600, depending on scope of work. Prices vary for SMEs and large firms. Please contact us for more information.

  15 business days