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Travel & Tourism

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Hana Obrusnikova, Hana.Obrusnikova@trade.gov

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Travel and Tourism Market in the Czech Republic (2009)


The growing Czech affinity for travel corresponds to the increasing income of Czech households, as well as the strengthening of the crown against foreign currencies and decreasing package vacation prices. Prices have decreased most sharply for exotic vacations, about 50% in part to the introduction of direct charter flights to certain destinations. The increase in tour sales in 2008 is largely because Czechs are buying more expensive tours. The average amount Czechs spent for foreign vacations increased last year (2008) from $789 to $828 USD. Last year was a banner year for foreign travel which reflected a developing middle-class society. The Czech Republic is a landlocked country so many Czechs prefer to take their vacations by the seaside. Last year, Czechs bought 2.3 million tours through travel agencies, a 5% increase compared with 2007.