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Pet Products & Veterinary

Commercial Specialist responsible for the sector:

Veronika Novakova, Veronika.Novakova@trade.gov

Reports available to US companies upon request:

Veterinary Equipment & Services in the Czech Republic (2012)

Pet Food & Accessories Market in the Czech Republic (2011)


The industry experienced a boom in the 1990s when the end of Communism dramatically changed consumer behavior with regards to the pet market where a number of strong international companies entered to serve these new customers. Pet and animal supply shops grew in number and products became more sophisticated. Since then, the market has grown fast now featuring a great variety of supplies and steadily improving services. Czechs love their pets and they are ready to spend more and more money on their well-being. The pet food sector is expected to grow since there are number of dog owners that still feed their dogs homemade food, however, there is already strong competition. Pet accessories, as well as vitamins and supplements, sell well in the country. Increased demand is also expected in veterinary pharmaceuticals and medical devices. New and innovative products are appreciated.


April 3 – 6, 2014 / Catalog Fair at FOR FAMILY (FOR PETS,FOR SENIOR, FOR KIDS)

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April 11 – 14, 2013 / Catalog Fair at FOR FAMILY (FOR PETS, FOR KIDS, FOR TEENS, FOR SENIOR)

More information is available HERE.

January 30, 2013 / Webinar on Pet and Veterinary Products Market Opportunities in Czech Republic and United Kingdom

Webinar will introduce market opportunities in the Czech Republic and United Kingdom. The Czech Republic catalog fair at FOR FAMILY/FOR PETS fair will be introduced. In addition, participants will hear from CS European Union office on regulations and market entry issues for pet and veterinary products' manufacturers looking into EU market entry.

April 15 – 15, 2012 / Catalog Fair at FOR FAMILY (FOR PETS, FOR KIDS, FOR TEENS, FOR SENIOR)

The U.S. Commercial Service is pleased to present ten U.S. companies interested in Czech market at its booth at the FOR FAMILY fairs. U.S. companies resented at the U.S. Commercial Service booth include: American Diagnostic Corporation/ADC – www.adctoday.com; Alaska’s Bakery - www.alaskasbakery.com; BooBooLoon - www.boobooloon.com; BrushBuddies - www.brushbuddies.com; Caitec Corporation - www.caitec.com; CaribSea Inc. - www.caribsea.com; K9 Carts - www.k9carts.com; Petropics Gourmet Whole Foods - www.petropics.com; Pets Spark - www.petsspark.com; and West Paw Design – www.westpawdesign.com. For further details please contact Veronika.Novakova@trade.gov

Please visit also U.S. company TAMSCO (www.tamsco.biz) at its booth at FOR PETS!

April 12, 2011 / Webinar on Pet Products Market in Czech Republic, Poland and Spain

CS Kansas City teamed up with CS Prague, CS Warsaw, and CS Madrid to conduct a highly successful webinar on “Pet Products Market Opportunities in Czech Republic, Poland, and Spain”.   The webinar attracted 47 registrants from across the U.S. The webinar also feature presentations from Baker & McKenzie (Prague) and the American Pet Products Association, which promoted the webinar to its 1,600 members. If you are a U.S. company interested in Czech Republic power point presentation from the Webinar please contact Veronika.Novakova@trade.gov


April 2011 U.S. Commercial Service Webinar participant Ruff Wear appointed Czech Distributor

More information is available in the press release.