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Commercial Specialist responsible for the sector:

Jana Ruckerova, Jana.Ruckerova@trade.gov

Reports available to US companies upon request:

Foreign Degree Programs in the Czech Republic (2011)

Education Market in the Czech Republic (2008)


The United States is home to many of the world’s top universities and is a popular destination for students of all subject areas, hosting more than 582,984 international students of higher education in 2007.  Out of this total, Czechs account for approximately 900 students.  While study abroad programs are quite popular in the Czech Republic, the number of Czech students in the U.S. has experienced a slight decline in recent years, largely due to the Czech Republic’s entry into the European Union (EU). EU grant programs for studying in the EU countries and stricter travel procedures to the U.S. following 9/11.  Nevertheless, current exchange rates make tuition costs lower for schools in the U.S.  The U.S., therefore, has a good chance to regain its former position as a preferred location for higher education.