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Important Contacts:

Questions on tariffs/taxes/duties for shipments going overseas: Please contact your freight forwarder/service provider/courier service
Questions on imports into the United States: U.S. Customs at 1 877 227 5511
Questions on export license requirements: Bureau of Industry and Security at 202 482 4811
Questions on HS/Schedule B numbers: Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Division at 1 800 549 0595, option #2

Export Counseling

To receive answers to your exporting questions on:

  • Country-specific Export Information
  • Region-specific Export Information (Middle East, China, Latin America, EU, etc.)
  • International Documentation, Regulations and Standards
  • Free Trade Agreements (qualifying products for FTA benefits, Certificates of origin)
  • Trade Data
  • Export-related information offered by federal, state and local entities
  • Export-related information related to other USG agencies

Please send us an e-mail with the specifics of your request:

Request In-Depth Exporting Advice and International Business Solutions

Contact a U.S. Export Assistance Center near you to:

  • Assess the market potential of your products/services
  • Develop and implement a market entry/expansion strategy
  • Identify and evaluate potential international business partners

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