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Commercial Diplomacy

Having difficulties bidding on an international tender in Colombia? How can you ensure a fair bidding process on an Colombian contract?

We can help you overcome trade barriers, bureaucratic problems, or unfair trade practices to ensure that your company has the best possible chance to sell its U.S. products and services in Colombia.

Leverage the resources and influence of the U.S. Government to level the playing field. The U.S. Government’s Advocacy Center helps U.S. companies --small, medium and large enterprises-- win government contracts across the globe. World-class advocacy through accredited diplomats and other U.S. officials can give you the edge on your foreign competition and help you when unanticipated problems arise. Support can range from meetings by U.S. Commercial Service Officers and U.S. Ambassadors with high level Colombian government officials, to letters and calls from high level U.S. authorities.

Put the resources and authority of the U.S. government behind your team in pursuit of international contracts or other U.S. export opportunities in Colombia. Our staff of commercial specialists stands ready to assist you.