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International Company Profile (ICP)

Finding a Partner You can Trust

Through the ICP, we assist U.S. companies to enter international business relationships with confidence. An International Company Profile (ICP) helps you evaluate potential business partners’ reliability and capabilities as marketers for your products and services.*

We provide fast service (20 business days) and reliable reports created in conjunction with reputable investigation/risk analysis firms. The reports are based upon responses to a standard questionnaire. You will receive additional, available information about the company and insights on due diligence procedures suggested by the Commercial Service in the final report.

  • An ICP includes information such as:
  • Bank and trade references
  • Principal officers and managers
  • Product lines
  • †Financial data
  • Sales volume
  • Market outlook

Company Size

Price (USD)





New to Export/New to Market/New to CS


Please click here to see a sample report.

*Please note: Due to China’s regulatory environment, we are unable to conduct background investigations on individuals, just on organizations.

†Please note: financials on private Chinese companies are not always available. Financial data not available through official or other legal channels will be marked accordingly on the report.

Contact U.S. Commercial Service in China for details, or your nearest US Export Assistance Center to order an ICP.