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American Trading Centers

Tap into China’s Emerging, Dynamic Markets

In addition to our 5 main offices, we have established new business centers in 14 key second-tier cities known as American Trading Centers (ATCs), giving you access to China’s major population centers and regional markets.

And with just one phone call, our trade experts can direct you to promising opportunities for your company throughout China.

American Trading Center Program

China is buying, building and upgrading. American companies can compete for many projects that receive substantial funding from China’s central government and multilateral financial institutions. With the middle class exploding and economic growth leading the world, China’s demand for consumer products and services spans all industries and reaches into more than 260 cities with over one million people.

Get Export Assistance Across China

The U.S. Commercial Service can connect you to opportunities in China’s major and emerging markets. In addition to trade professionals at U.S. Embassies and consulates across China, we also provide expert assistance in 14 of China’s up-and-coming markets, which we refer to as American Trading Centers (ATCs). These ATCs—from Harbin in the north to Zhuhai in the south—account for 54 percent of the country’s imports and are growing at an average rate of 11 percent.

Take advantage of opportunities and export assistance in these growing markets:

     • Dalian

     • Nanjing

     • Wuhan

     • Chongqing

     • Ningbo

     • Xiamen

     • Hangzhou

     • Qingdao

     • Xi'an

     • Harbin

     • Shenzhen

     • Zhuhai

     • Kunming

     • Tianjin


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About ATCs

American Trading Centers can help you contact and set up appointments with Chinese organizations across China. Through a partnership between the U.S. Commercial Service and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), ATCs put a network of China trade experts at your fingertips.

ATCs give you the support and expertise of the U.S. Embassy/Consulate contacts as well as that of over 100 Export Assistance Centers throughout the United States. With access to a broad cross-section of contacts including potential agents and distributors, major end-users and key government officials, you will be sure to meet the right people at the right levels to expand your business.