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Located in the southern Pearl River delta just across the border from Hong Kong’s New Territories, Shenzhen has been one of the fastest growing cities and ports in the world since it opened to the West in the late 1970s. Shenzhen is now a major center for foreign investment and trade. In fact, the bustling city imports more goods than any other city in China. Shenzhen was also recently ranked by the World Bank as having the second best investment climate for foreign firms and the third most effective local government in China. Shenzhen’s is among the top 5 mainland Chinese cities in terms of GDP which totaled to US $120.6 billion in 2009. In addition for the last 9 years since 2001, its export and import volumes have been the highest in China. In the first 11 months of 2010, Shenzhen achieved a record high foreign trade volume that amounted to US $74 billion.

Leading Industries

Shenzhen is a major manufacturing base and trade center for high-tech products such as computers, software, and communication equipment. The city also produces electric machinery, metals, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, food processing, textiles & apparel, chemicals, plastics and transportation equipment. High-tech products by foreign firms operating in Shenzhen account for over half of the city’s gross industrial output value. These include companies like Foxconn which manufacture products for Apple Computers and other Apple Inc. devices like the iPod and iPhone.

Development Zones

  • Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park(SHIP)
  • Shenzhen software Park

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