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Platinum Key Scope of Services:

FCS China will offer the following services to ARWG members:

  • Co-host a monthly ARWG meeting: at the monthly meeting, members will share market information with their industry peers, and seek governmental support from the U.S. Embassy, U.S. TDA and U.S. FRA.;
  • FCS will manage the communication for the ARWG with the members, maintain the members list, provide summary notes of each ARWG meeting including outside meetings of the committee leadership, and perform other associated administrative duties;
  • FCS will endeavor to find and provide timely information on emerging business opportunities and major projects through such means as purchasing services or publications on behalf of the group;
  • FCS will produce and maintain a marketing catalog for the ARWG members with company logo and contact information which can be used to promote the ARWG;
  • ARWG members will have an opportunity to participate in ARWG U.S. TDA funded activities, such as workshops and orientation visit by the Chinese rail industry leaders;
  • On behalf of the ARWG members, FCS will network with the FRA and the China Railway Corporation, representing the ARWG members’ interest;
  • FCS will organize road shows for ARWG members to explore market opportunities in other cities in China;
  • FCS will organize site visits in Beijing for the ARWG members;
  • FCS will organize an U.S. Pavilion at China’s major rail expo for ARWG members;
  • Participation in the ARWG will allow a better understanding of your company’s needs, allow members to be aware of related USG activities in the sector and provide a possible showcase for your product or service for Chinese rail industry leaders at ARWG events;
  • In cooperation with the members of the ARWG, FCS will organize an annual hospitality event to provide a networking event for our ARWG members to socialize with the Chinese rail industry leaders.