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Business Service Providers
The BSP directory is intended to provide an additional resource to U.S. exporters doing business in this geographic area. The BSP directory is not comprehensive. Inclusion does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service. We have performed limited due diligence research; but we strongly recommend that you perform your own due diligence investigation and background research on any company. We assume no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the providers listed. We reserve the right not to list any particular company.

Transportation, Freight Forwarder and Storage Services

PTL Group

Contact: Arie Schreier, VP of Sales and Marketing
Shanghai: Room 301, No. 798 Zhao Jia Bang Rd.,Shanghai, 200030, China
Beijing: Room 510 No. 103 Jintai GuoYi Building, Chaoyang Bei Road, Chaoyang District, China
Phone: +86 21 6445 3190 ext. 126; 13817825201
Fax: +86 21 6445 3191
Email: arie@N0SPAM.ptl-group.com
Web: http://www.ptl-group.com

Active in China since 2000, PTL Group is an operational management company that provides its clients expert solutions for their Chinese business activities. We provide existing infrastructure, platforms & management solutions to overseas SMEs with or without a legal entity in China. Our services include recruitment, HR, office sharing, logistics, finance, warehousing, RMB invoicing, profit repatriation, WFOE management, operational audits, equity partnerships, factory incubation and setup.

Shanghai Rainbow Import & Export Co., Ltd

Contact: Xianhong Fu, General Manager
Suite 803/805, Evergo Tower Building, No.1325 Middle Huaihai Road
Shanghai Shanghai, 200031 China
Phone: 86-21-54047683
Fax: 86-21-54047682
Email: xianhong@N0SPAM.sh-rainbow.com
Web: http://www.sh-rainbow.com

Shanghai Rainbow Import & Export Co., Ltd was established in 1995 in Shanghai, China. We are specialized in providing complete solution and implementation on the import and export trade of high-technology and related products, used and refurbished equipment, food items, vehicles and spare parts as well as providing business consulting in international trade.