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The International Partner Search (IPS)

Looking for agents, distributors, joint venture partners, licensees, or other strategic partners in Chile? 

Save valuable time and money by working only with pre-qualified international partners that are interested in selling your products and services.

You provide your marketing materials and background on your company. We use our strong network of local contacts to identify potential partners and provide you with a list of up to five pre-qualified companies interested in your products and services. You will receive the list within 30 business days from receipt of payment.

Our report will include:

  • High-quality market information on the marketability and sales potential for your products and services.
  • Complete contact information on key officers at each potential partner that is interested in your company, along with information on their size, sales, years in business, and number of employees.
  • A statement from each potential partner on the marketability of your product or service.  

Cost: To be determined in consultation with Post.

For more information, please contact us at Office.Santiago.Box@trade.gov or contact the Commercial Specialist covering your industry through our Contact Us page