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Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

Chilean exports of agriculture and agro-industrial products grew by 12% during 2011, due to an increase of international prices and local implementation of new production processes based on new and more efficient machinery and equipment. Consequently, the market for agriculture machinery and equipment grew by approximately 44% and is expected to grow approximately 18% during 2012, and at rates between 7-8% yearly average, through 2015. Importantly, new and higher efficiency machinery has directly increased productivity. Some agriculture processes such as harvesting, have replaced the human labor with harvesting machinery. This increased use of automated equipment has helped resolve the problem of rising labor costs in the last eight years.

Despite productivity gains, Chile’s exporters (of which agricultural exports represent a high percentage) have suffered due to the very weak US dollar compared to the Chilean peso. However, the weak dollar has made imported machinery and equipment denominated in US dollars more attractive. The United States accounts for approximately 16% of equipment imports.


The following trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to enter the Chilean market:

  • Vinitech (wine industry trade show), March 2013, Santiago: www.vinitech.cl
  • Agrotech (agriculture machinery and equipment trade fair), September-October 2013, Santiago: www.agrotech.cl
  • FruitTrade (related to fruit production and exporting), October 8-9, 2012, Santiago: www.fedefruta.cl