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Time Zone, Business Hours, and Holidays

Because Chile is in the Southern Hemisphere, its seasons are opposite those in the United States. This means that when the United States enters daylight savings time, Chile falls back at about the same time. Consequently, during the northern winter, Chile is 2 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. In the summer, Chile is the same time as Eastern Daylight Time.

Business hours in Chile are roughly the same as the United States. Most offices open at 8:30 or 9:00 am and continue until usually 6:00 pm or later. Lunchtime is usually later (beginning at 1:00 pm or later) and longer (1-2 hours) than in the United States.

The following are Chile’s main holidays for 2015. Dates may vary year to year.

Holidays 2015


New Year’s Day

01 Jan

Good Friday

03 Apr

Labor Day

01 May

Commemoration of the Battle of Iquique

21 May

Saint Peter and Saint Paul

29 Jun

Carmen’s Virgin Solemnity Day


Independence day


Columbus Day


Immaculate Conception


Christmas day


*Banking day


* Banks and other financial institutions close down. Workers in other fields are not given the day off, though the workday schedule is usually shorter.