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Safety and Security Equipment
A Top Export Prospect for Canada

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The skill of identity thieves, industrial spies and other intruders to out-smart existing security technologies have forced the Canadian public and private sectors to update or purchase new security systems that provide leading-edge security control. The Canadian market for security products and services to protect commercial buildings and facilities estimated at over $2 billion.

Imports from the United States of safety security related products including first-aid equipment, biometric security, reinforced safes, burglar and fire alarms, as well as physical-access security related products totaled $1.14 billion in 2011. Most security products are imported. U.S. products account for about one-third of the security market.

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Sub-Sector Best Prospects

  • Rise of remote cloud-based application suites and data centers has increased the need for secure, electronically managed data and proprietary system protection solutions.
  • Electronic physical access control systems, led by biometric, smart card and other non-contact technology utilizing software that can be used to secure both physical access to facilities and access to data stored on computers.
  • Airport security equipment.

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  • Large ongoing expansion of Canadian Federal corrections facilities as a result of the 2010 Truth in Sentencing Act will result in over $2 billion dollars invested in corrections facilities.
  • Upgrade of Canadian armed services through “Canada First Defense Strategy.”
  • On-going renovation and security overhaul of major Canadian airports.

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