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Aerospace and Aviation
A Top Export Prospect for Canada

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Canada has the world’s fifth largest aerospace market. In 2011, Canada generated roughly $22 billion in revenues, over 80% of which were from Quebec and Ontario. Canada is home to large OEMS such as Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls Royce Canada, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, Boeing Canada, CAE and L-3. Approximately 83 percent of the industry is in civil aircraft manufacturing, while 17 percent is in military aircraft manufacturing. Over 80% of production is exported; over 50% of imports are from the United States.

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Sub-Sector Best Prospects

  • Civil and military aircraft, and aircraft parts
  • Aircraft engines and engine parts
  • Avionics and instrumentation
  • Aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Air defense and combat technology
  • Air surveillance systems
  • Simulation software

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  • Bombardier Platforms: CSeries, Challenger 7000/8000, Learjet 85 (over $4 billion).
  • Bell Helicopter Textron Platforms: Bell 427 and Bell 429 Helicopters.
  • Boeing Platforms: Dreamliner 787, Chinook (over $1 billion).
  • LM F-35 in Canada: approximately $9 billion in contracts over the next 20 years.

Major upcoming events/trade shows supported by CS Canada in this sector:

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