Pombo Presents Export Achievement Award

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August 23, 2005 - The Oakland Export Assistance Center, in conjunction with Congressman Richard Pombo and San Ramon Mayor H. Abram Wilson, presented an Export Achievement Certificate to Mr. Seong-Gi Baek, President and CEO of RheoSense Inc., a Korean-American owned start-up company. The Export Achievement Certificate is an award that recognizes U.S. business that have benefited from the export services of the U.S. Commercial Service to make their first export sale or open new foreign markets. This event was hosted by Mayor Wilson at the San Ramon City Council Chambers.

"RheoSense is an outstanding example of how local small business ingenuity and innovation is working in the global marketplace," said Congressman Pombo. "Ninety-five percent of the world's consumers live outside of the United States, representing a vast export potential. The U.S. Commercial Service plays a vital role in helping firms increase their exports that support high-paying jobs for the working people of California. I congratulate RheoSense on their export accomplishments."

RheoSense is a minority-owned manufacturer of small sensor devices that work to ensure accurate flow property measurements of plastics, polymers, or other materials essential to quality control in the manufacturing process. According to the company, partial funding for the development of the system was provided by The National Science Foundation. The firm's president, Dr. Seong-Gi Baek, recently contacted the Commercial Service's Oakland U.S. Export Assistance Center seeking information on possible tariff rates and import requirements for selling into South Korea. Working with the Commercial Service post in South Korea, Rod Hirsch, Director of the export assistance center, determined that no tariffs were applied to the product when manufactured by a WTO country and that no Korean Customs Service approvals were required. As a result, RheoSense was able to make their first export sale to South Korea.

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