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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the US Commercial Service's mission?
A: The US Commercial Service's mission is to promote US exports and defend US business interests in foreign markets. For over 20 years, US Commercial Service trade specialists have guided US companies through the export process. Our global network of offices is an invaluable addition to any exporter's toolkit.

Q: My US company exports products from foreign markets. Can the US Commercial Service assist me?
A: Yes. The US Commercial Service can assist you, if the products are at least 51 percent manufactured in the US.

Q: I want to sell my Brazilian products or services in the United States. Can the US Commercial Service help me?
A: No. The mission of the US Commercial Service is to help US companies export their goods and services. Brazilian companies interested in exporting to the US (and other countries) should contact the Brazilian Agency for Export Promotion (APEX).

Q: How can I find market information on a specific industry?
A: CS Market Research reports on specific industry sectors are available at our Market Research Library. You also may want to review our Country Commercial Guide for Top Prospects in Brazil for US Exporters.

: What programs does the US Department of Commerce have in my state to assist me export from the US?
A: A trade specialist located at the nearest Export Assistance Center can assist you in obtaining market information and applying for the US Commercial Service's export promotion programs and services.

Q: How can I find a Brazilian agent or distributor for my product?
A: CS Brazil offers a variety of services and tools to help U.S. exporters find partners. Please refer to our Services section for a list of our services or directly contact one of our industry team leaders available at : http://www.export.gov/Brazil/contactus/index.asp

Q: I want to sell my product in Brazil/Latin America.
A: Have you contacted your Export Assistance Center in the US? This is a good first stop. The next step would be to talk to one of our industry trade specialists in CS Brazil.

Q: Is there a way to obtain financial information and credit reports on a Brazilian company?
A: Credit reports are offered through our International Company Profile program. See our Services section for more information on obtaining these reports.

Q: How can I get assistance exporting agricultural products, processed foods and wood products to Brazil?
A: The US Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service has offices in Brazil that can assist US exporters of agricultural products. Please go to www.usdabrazil.org.br/ for more information on their programs.

Q: I am interested in setting up an office in Brazil. What do I need to know? What resources exist to help me? And how can I find office space in Brazil?
A: Please refer to our Business Service Providers section. You also may want to review our Country Commercial Guide for general information on getting started in Brazil.

Q: Do you also have information on other markets in the Americas?
A: CS Market Research is available for free to US companies in our Market Research Library.

Q: Where can I find tariff information for Brazil?
A: For detailed tariff information please click here .

Q: Does the US Embassy in Brasilia have an official website?
A: Yes. The US Embassy website includes economic and trade policy reports, visa and passport information and useful links to US government agencies and various organizations.