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Practical Human Resources

Contact: Jim Neville, Director
Level 12,
7 Macquarie Place
Sydney NSW, 2000
Phone: +61-2-8274-1790
Fax: +61-2-9247-3999
Email: jneville@N0SPAM.practical.net.au
Web: http://www.practical.net.au

Practical Human Resources (PHR) is a specialist consultancy offering a full range of professional human resource services to its extensive range of local and international clients.

Having been established for over 12 years, this Sydney based firm has been successful in its two main areas of business:

• Services – PHR has several US and UK clients with smaller subsidiary operations in Australia where an in house professional HR resource is not justified. Instead, these clients enjoy the services of a sophisticated, practical and well experienced HR function via PHR. All HR activities from recruitment through to compensation, performance management, issues management, policy formation, rolling out international initiatives, and all aspects of employee separation are managed seamlessly with all risks identified and managed. Global HR management teams appreciate the pro-active and reliable performance of PHR which is delivered on a very cost effective retainer or ad hoc basis.

• Projects - from time to time there can be a one off project or need that is identified by a client. PHR assists with scoping the nature of the issue and how PHR’s involvement could address the risks and issues arising. Our practical, hands on approach, ensures that all legal and industrial risks and compliance are addressed while ensuring a very result oriented intervention is delivered. We ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are addressed and that any organisational impacts are identified and managed.

If you are considering opening operations in Australia, PHR can project manage all aspects of your establishment. We are experienced in the nomenclature and employment arrangements of north America. We can explain the local Australian requirements in easy, down to earth language and then assist with engaging staff, setting compensation, drafting HR policies that match your USA requirements while meeting local needs. We can ensure that you receive referral to appropriate legal and tax and accounting professionals should that be required. We encourage our clients to see PHR as a one stop shop that is dedicated to ensuring your establishment is smoothly project managed.