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Business Service Providers
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Savant Corporation Pty Ltd

Contact: Meyer Mussry, Business Manager
36 Shinfield Avenue
St. Ives NSW, 2075
Phone: +61-2-8090-4100
Fax: +61-2-8088-8046
Email: savant@N0SPAM.savantcorporation.com.au
Web: http://savantcorporation.com.au

Savant Corporation is a management consulting company unlike most others. The points of difference are our strengths, which we apply to our clients’ benefit:

1. We’re small. That means you get a one on one service. You are always visible, and always important.

2. We’re experienced. Our consultants have worked their way up in industry so they understand how things work in the real world. They have also secured management qualifications, so they are up to date and subscribe to best practice management principles. You don’t get a fresh graduate looking after you, you get a senior management level person involved in your business.

3. We’re inexpensive: A modest office in the suburbs staffed with field workers means our overheads are low, and you get the benefit.

4. We provide great value: Practical advice, direct action, experience, contacts and qualifications on a simple contract reduces your exposure to risk and maximises your chances of success.

As your representative in Australia, Savant will take care of everything for you: we specialize in representing vendors locally, ensuring all legal requirements are met and you are fully informed on activities and needs. Our local knowledge plus extensive experience in management, IT, communications, direct and channel sales of hardware and solutions means that you get a professional job done for a fraction of the cost with minimal risk.

If you already have an office in Australia, we can provide you with an independent analysis of its operations, strengths and weaknesses, prospects and staff, and make concrete recommendations on how to reduce costs and turbo-charge your office.

We look forward to assisting your venture’s success, increasing your sales and producing more orders.