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Aqua Dessa Receives Export Achievement Award from the Department of Commerce

Aqua Dessa is a small Korean-American woman-owned cosmetics manufacturer. The company, which was started in 1999 by Susie Wang with help from her brother and Ric Kostick, manufacturers a premier line of all natural cosmetics and toiletries.

Ric Kostick approached the Oakland Export Assistance Center regarding export shipping assistance with exporting to Taiwan and Hong Kong. Director Hirsch provided Aqua Dessa with market research reports produced by Swee-Keng Cheong from the Commercial Service Hong Kong Office. In addition, Director Hirsch assisted them obtaining the Certificate of Free Sale from the State of California and their Certificate of Origin, as well as offering other counseling assistance. Aqua Dessa found a distributor in Taipei who subsequently purchased an initial shipment of goods for distribution in Hong Kong.

In July, 2008, the Oakland Export Assistance Center organized a Cosmetics Buyer Mini-Expo, which featured the presentation of an Export Achievement Certificate to Aqua Dessa.

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