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Market Access Advocacy

1. We expand markets for U.S. businesses by overcoming trade restrictions that inhibit their ability to participate in the Argentine marketplace, and

2. We promote favorable business environments in Argentina, focusing on areas where the lack of good policies or enforcement creates trade barriers for U.S. exports.

Our staff of Argentina experts executes this mission in two principal ways: 1) by developing specific and tailored country engagement strategies; and 2) by pursuing a range of cross-cutting policy initiatives to address international market access challenges, such as corruption, failure to enforce intellectual property rights, and discriminatory standards and regulations that unfairly restrict U.S. exports.

We also have the primary responsibility within the International Trade Administration for:

  • developing and implementing market access policies and programs including bilateral, multilateral and regional trade and investment policies and programs;
  • identifying existing and potential market access problems and initiating government action to overcome market access problems systematically region-by-region;
  • participating, as appropriate, with the Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Services in reviewing international sectoral issues which arise in a bilateral, multilateral or regional context;

We achieve these objectives through company or industry casework, expanding markets through overcoming trade restrictions and promoting favorable business environments.

Put the resources and authority of the U.S. government behind your team in pursuit of international contracts or other U.S. export opportunities in Argentina. We stand ready to assist you. Learn How We Can Help You!