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Student Internship Opportunities at CS Argentina

Volunteer internship opportunities for U.S. citizens enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students at two- and four-year accredited educational institutions are available through the Department of Commerce's Student Internship Program. Interns participate in on-site work experiences with Department of Commerce bureaus and offices to integrate academic theory and workplace requirements, gain relevant skills and knowledge, explore Federal career options, develop professional networks, and gain a greater awareness of the role of Federal agencies.

Student interns in the Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy in Argentina benefit from the experience gained by working in a bicultural Foreign Trade Office. While learning about the Argentine business culture, they use the tools of international trade for export promotion and improve their Spanish language skills dramatically. On successfully completing the program, they receive a letter of recommendation from the Senior Commercial Officer.

 "The Mission of the Commercial Service is to promote exports of goods and services from the United States, particularly by small and medium-sized businesses, and to protect United States business interests abroad."

Pursuant to this mission statement, U.S. Commercial Service Argentina (CSA) has developed a broad range of services to suit our clients' needs. Interns in CSA share the responsibilities of the commercial assistants by conducting market research, counseling U.S. and Argentine clients, and participating in local trade shows.

In order to apply for a volunteer internship at this post, a prospective intern should meet the following prerequisites:

  • A working knowledge of Spanish.
  • Computer proficiency.
  • A minimum of four months to one year full-time commitment; 20 weekly hours minimum if attending classes at a local university.
  • Completion of the sophomore year in college.
  • Confirmed enrollment in a university program.

Those interested in benefiting from this work experience, should send CSA a resume together with a letter in Spanish explaining why they would like to join us and when they plan to come to Argentina. On receiving the resume, CSA staff will arrange for a telephone interview, provided the prospective intern meets the aforementioned requirements. Please bear in mind that those selected will have to complete several documents to obtain government security clearance, a process that could take over 30 days. Although the internship does not include housing, students participating through one of the many existing exchange programs between U.S. and Argentine universities will very probably receive housing in Argentine homes. You should seek the advice of your college or university counselor to inquire about available exchange or study abroad programs.

Although the internship is unpaid, the experience is very valuable for determining an international career path early on. When we told a prospective intern that the internship was uncompensated, she immediately replied: "It may be unpaid, but never uncompensated. The experience I will gain in international trade working for a U.S. government office outside the United States is more than enough compensation. "

So far, it has been a gratifying and rewarding experience for both the interns and the CSA staff. A former intern recently wrote: "I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed working with you very much and that I got the job in Florida, as a direct result of my internship".

Interested college students should send their application to CSA Student Internship Program.