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Welcome to Algeria

Algeria is an interesting and active market for U.S. exporters and investors, particularly in the oil and gas sector. Slow economic reforms and an antiquated banking system have left other sectors underdeveloped, even as the country’s political situation remains stable and its security situation has improved in comparison to the first half of the decade. Algerians have increasingly greater access to credit, fueling demand for consumer goods such as automobiles. However, new government tax policies are beginning to restrict such import-driven sectors. The country’s agricultural production is far below demand, and Algeria continues to import large volumes of bulk agricultural products and packaged foodstuffs.

Algeria at a Glance
  • Population: 38 million
  • GDP: $206.5 billion
  • GDP per Capita: $7,500
  • 2012 GDP Growth: 2.6%
  • U.S.-Algeria Bilateral Trade: $11.4 billion
  • Main Suppliers: France 13%, China 10%, Italy 10%, (U.S. 4.6%)
Algeria Main Topics
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