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ADB Procurement Opportunities

Of great interest to U.S. firms are the procurement opportunities generated from ADB’s project lending and grant activities to Developing Member Countries throughout the Asia Pacific region.  These project opportunities take form when officials from the ADB visit a Developing Member Country and decide on projects to be undertaken over the three-year period to follow, which are recorded in a formal document – the Country Partnership Strategy for each individual country.  These projects are activated when ADB sends a fact-finding mission to begin work towards a loan package for the project.  During this period, a number of opportunities for consulting services are generated, leading up to completion of the loan package and loan approval by ADB.

Once ADB approves a loan, the executing agency of the Developing Member Country prepares bidding documents for goods and services it will require, following ADB guidelines which prevail over local regulations.  Again, only firms within ADB member countries can bid on these opportunities.  When the bid documents are completed, the borrowing country issues an international tender, evaluates the bids and awards the contracts.  It is important, however, that the ADB must review and approve the bid documents, the bid evaluation and the proposed contract award, before the contract award is announced. This helps to ensure an open, transparent and competitive contract award, based on the merits of proposals.

To assist US firms that wish to pursue ADB business opportunities, the US Commercial Service Liaison Office to the ADB (CS ADB) in Manila, Philippines, provides ADB early procurement alerts (via e-mail and to various web sites); marketing advice; business facilitation appointment services at the ADB and throughout the region; ADB seminars and video presentations; and US government advocacy to ensure transparent competition and evaluation of bids based on merit.

For a full and detailed guidance to suppliers, see ADB's publication, Guidelines for Procurement under Asian Development Bank Loans.

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