U.S.-PANAMA Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA)

Rules of Origin

Definition of “Indirect Material” under the U.S.-Colombia TPA

Each Party shall provide that an indirect material shall be considered to be an originating material without regard to where it is produced.

Indirect material means a good used in the production, testing, or inspection of a good but not physically incorporated into the good, or a good used in the maintenance of buildings or the operation of equipment associated with the production of a good, including:

(a) fuel and energy;

(b) tools, dies, and molds;

(c) spare parts and materials used in the maintenance of equipment and buildings;

(d) lubricants, greases, compounding materials, and other materials used in production or used to operate equipment and buildings;

(e) gloves, glasses, footwear, clothing, safety equipment, and supplies;

(f) equipment, devices, and supplies used for testing or inspecting the good;

(g) catalysts and solvents; and

(h) any other goods that are not incorporated into the good but whose use in the production of the good can reasonably be demonstrated to be a part of that production.

Source: Articles 4.11 and 4.23: U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement

A Regional Value Content Rule

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